Changes in my life
Seems like the clouds overshadow me
Storm beats down on all sides
Feels like I'm growing weak

And I know as the wind is blowing
I must do what it takes to survive
No matter the price, I sacrifice
At least I'll be alive
At least I'll be alive
At least I will be alive

Changes in my dreams
The nightmares always end in screams
Echoing through my mind
My reflection fades into darkness
Tears flowing down my soaking brow
I can't catch my breath
But I know somehow time will heal my pain
To quiet the terror in the night

Changes in my mind
As the torment comes to feed me the pain
To crush the soft inside
I don't want to cry out again
So I find a dark place to hide
The deep place inside my mind
The darkness of my mind
The darkness of my mind
Changes in my mind

Will I survive to sleep one more time
Will I ever in peace find rest
Someday there will be rest
One day in peace I will rest
Changes in my life